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UPVC doors are secured by a what is termed a multipoint lock. As you lift the handle the locking points engage into keeps on the door frame and hold the door tight. This is then locked solid by turning the key. As a knowledgeable and fully trained locksmiths we can repair all makes and types of UPVC door locks and door lock mechanisms.

UPVC Door Servicing

If you start experiencing any problems with the operation of your door, it is advised these problems be dealt with “sooner rather than later”, to avoid the eventual failure of your locking mechanism.

Your door can then be serviced and adjusted to ensure smooth operation when closing and locking. This may mean that additional parts may not be required, keeping costs to a minimum.

Typical faults that can be remedied as above can be:

  • The door catches on the frame when opening or closing.

  • Stiff operation of the door handle when locking or un-locking.

UPVC Euro Cylinders

Cylinders come in many different sizes and it is very important that a correct sized cylinder is fitted. Incorrect sized cylinders are vulnerable to burglar attack and access can be gained within seconds. 

We carry all sizes of locks to eliminate this hazard, and can replace if your keys have been lost, or you require a lock change.

UPVC & Patio door lock specialists

  • Lock & Mechanism Repair and Change

  • Jammed/Stuck door opening & repair

  • Handles and Door Hardware

  • Door allignment 

  • Security Upgrade

UPVC Mechanisms

If your having problems with your door mechanism, we can repair your locking strip by replacing any necessary parts, or provide a complete new locking assembly. If your door fails in the open position, we can repair it so you can secure your home. Alternativley if your door fails in the closed position, we can open it and repair the mechanism leaving you with a fully working door.

Faults can be diagnosed by:

  • Floppy door handles

  • Stiff door handle operation

  • The door unlocks but will not open

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